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This distinctively Christian overview covers well-known works of art, from the Lascaux Cave paintings and Winged Victory to the Mona Lisa and American Gothic. But the program also takes time to focus on art by Christians and about the Christian faith. Two great works of art are on nearly all of the 32 flashcards along with information about each art movement studied. This full-color workbook contains comprehension questions, crafts, activities, readings, and features on artists of the faith—both historical and contemporary. Fully integrated with the Veritas History Series (yet able to stand on its own), this art history program was designed to fill one year. It could also be stretched out from 2nd through 6th, to enjoy several cards at a time. Or it might be used as a transitional program in 7th, since it spans all of Western history.

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Format: Softcover
Publisher: Veritas Press
Language: English
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