Classical Education

A Contemporary Classical Education

Joobilo offers Contemporary Classical Education.

In the broadest sense, Classical Education is based on the Trivium –– a term referring to three pillars: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. This has been an approach to learning has been utilized by the highest levels of scholarship for centuries.

Our classes build upon the three pillars and coordinate with the students development stage. K-4th, 5th-8th, and High school. 


The pillar of grammar is about the usage of language, and includes extensive vocabulary and memory work. This assists in the recall of facts and ideas, and it is upon grammar that the other pillars stand.

The pillar of logic is about the process and practice of right thinking, and honing the skill of reasoning. Often called the “dialectic stage,” logic equips students with the tools to navigate questions, ideas, and complex concepts.

The pillar of rhetoric is about learning to communicate concepts, facts, and values in a manner that is both clear and persuasive. The skill of rhetoric equips students with the ability to articulate and defend ideas and facts in their own words.