How to Plan My Student’s Schedule

All classes at Joobilo are a-la-carte. This gives you the ability to customize your learner’s schedule based on your specific needs and availability. A full class load would include a history and science enrichment class, and/or an elective. However, you may only choose to enroll in one or two classes. We do not allow “free periods” so make sure you plan accordingly.


Grid View of All Classes by Campus:

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Whittier (Mondays & Tuesdays, Tk-High School)

Fountain Valley (Tuesday, Thursdays, & Fridays, Tk-8th grade)

Cypress: (Thursdays & Fridays, Tk-High School)




For all questions, email the Office Manager, Ashley De La Torre (

We also offer two private pay programs, Community Time and Omni, that you can incorporate into your student’s schedule. For more information, click HERE