We only expect children to come with an open mind and an open heart. Joobilo is a place dedicated to learning, growth and the development of friendships.  Our qualified teachers present a project based, hands-on approach to learning using a variety of methods that are optimized to provide every student a path to success. Each learner will have a unique experience while finding the joy of learning.


Joobilo provides customizable learning opportunities to students in a supportive environment. In-person and online academic and enrichment classes for students in TK-8th include: science, history and social science, IEW and ELA, art, sewing, robotics, coding, cooking, volleyball and chess.

High School

High school enrichment classes are more academic and present students with innovative ways to approach learning at a higher level. Core subject enrichment classes include; chemistry with lab, biology with lab, earth and space science with lab, world literature, American literature, Personal finance, algebra, home economics, ASL and many more options to engage higher learners.

Class Size

Our classes are capped at 15 or fewer to ensure participants are engaged with each activity and that our instructors have the necessary time to spend with each of our learners. 

Important Note: 

Joobilo Academic Community does not provide transcripts and is not a credit-granting institution; some charter schools for whom we are a vendor may grant high school and/or a-g credit for work completed in Joobilo classes; please inquire with your charter.