Of the many areas where Joobilo shines, our Community is perhaps where we shine brightest!

We are an extremely diverse group, and many ethnicities and denominations are represented on our campuses.

Founded by families that understand the challenges of homeschooling, Joobilo strives to foster an environment where both students and their parents can thrive. We aspire to help families enjoy the experience of educating their children within a community that highly values kindness, support, and understanding.

Two of the ways community is fostered on campus is through "Community Time" and our Omni Programs.

COMMUNITY TIME (TK-6th, Thursdays only) 

Community Time brings all of the families together for learning in a community-oriented setting. Parent participation is required throughout the day, and our time is devoted to many of the tenets of Christian Classical education, such as memory work, geography, fine arts, and oral presentations.  


OMNI 1, 2, 3, & 4 (7th-12th Thursdays) 

Class Day deepens the learning of the Memory Work and core subjects (such as history, science, math, and English language arts) through in-depth classes led by qualified instructors. These classes satisfy charter school requirements.  Students are dropped off for the day.




9:00-9:30 AMOpening prayer; Bible Time; Large-group Learning
9:30-10:00Memory Work Time (timeline, history, latin, english, math, science, Bible)
10:00-10:30Geography Time
10:30-11:00Fine Arts Time, “Art Through the Ages” (drawing, art history, theater)
11:00-11:30Oral Presentation Time
11:30-NOONReview/Game Time
11:00-NOONParent’s Lunch/Fellowship Time (only time during day that parent is not with child/children)
12:00-12:45Student Lunch


Description: PreK-6th grade

Christ-Centered, Community-Focused, Classical-Minded

Private pay (no charter funds accepted)

Parent participation required/No drop-off

(7th-12th Omni Programs are offered at same time and location and ARE drop-off)


Materials to purchase:

Required: Joobilo Weekly Course Guide Book & Songs

Leagues & Legends series geography workbook and CD 

History of Art  book (required for 1st grade & up, used all 4 cycles)

Veritas Timeline Cards (used all four cycles)


Cost: Total annual cost per student (full year or 28 weeks):

$695  for first child /$625  for each additional child

[Community Time contains religious content and does not qualify for charter school funds.]


Other Required Costs:

  1. Required Livescan: For Community Time Parents ONLY. An additional cost of approximately $75 (payable to livescan agency) for the primary homeschooling parent/guardian who will be on campus during Community Time is required to undergo a Livescan. This is a one-time cost and is performed for the safety and security of the community.  You will receive a form from Jooblio which you can take to a local Livescan agency, UPS, or police department to complete this process.  

  2. Student curriculum/materials

  3. End of semester and end of year celebration costs (TBA)







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