Is there a minimum number of classes that a student has to enroll in?

No, there is no minimum number of classes. Joobilo is an a-la-carte program. Feel free to enroll in the class or classes that fit your family’s needs.

What elective/enrichment classes do you offer?

Our elective classes change every quarter (7 weeks) to give your student an opportunity to try new things. We usually try to offer some type of art, physical ed, and STEM class. Please click on the “classes” tab above then “elective/enrichment” tab for a complete list.

Do you accept charter funds?

Yes! We are an approved vendor for Citrus Springs, Blue Ridge Academy, Empire Springs, River Springs, Epic, Excel, Golden Valley, Granite Mountain, iLEAD, River Springs, Sage Oak, and Sky Mountain.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans for private paying families. Please contact the office at classes@joobilo.com to request a payment plan.

What will my credit card be charged?

At registration your credit card will only be charged the registration fee. This fee holds your students spot/s in the program until your purchase orders are received or other payment arrangements have been made. 

What are the age requirements?

We do allow students to move to a higher or lower grade level. However, our classes are geared to pair with the developmental ages.  Most students find their place with their peers. If you have questions about this, please reach out!

Is there homework?

Instructors occasionally send home additional materials that are optional, but not required. It depends on the type of class and grade level.

Are there additional materials that I need to purchase?

Yes, most of our classes do require books and materials to purchase. A complete list will be emailed to you with the course overviews 3 weeks before classes begin.

Vaccine policy?

Joobilo does not require students to be vaccinated.

Can I receive a-g credit for Joobilo high school classes?

Although Joobilo itself is not a credit granting institution, several of the charter schools with whom we are a vendor may give high school and/or a-g credit for work completed in our classes. Please check with your charter school to confirm.